​Edgar Cayce Healing Philosophy

     To understand our situation here on earth, Edgar Cayce's picture of humankind, explains, that we are possessed with eternal life, and that we were in existence in a time predating the creation of the earth itself. All that has ever happened to us is contained within the memory bank we carry around with us at all times, stored in the glandular system also known as our Chakras. The seven glands, then act as a communicator between the outside world and what is happening inside. The life force works to keep us healthy, if we will let it. Our conscious and unconscious mind affects the glandular  system, which we call our life.

​    The glands work with the attitudes, thoughts and emotions that are given them. The glands react to these, producing neurohormonal transmitters, that determines everything about us.

We are  a visitor  on this planet, a soul clothed in a three dimensional body that can serve us well, if we treat it right.The purpose of our life according to Edgar Cayce ",  ...is to know ourselves to be ourselves and yet be one with GOD".

   We were given the gift of free will which allowed us to break the universal laws. The only sin of man according to Edgar Cayce is "Selfishness", and all of the life situations which come, are a result of it. We are "Spirits" who fell and rebelled. The earth and the entire universe were created as a means for us to return to our original state. We are like the Prodigal Son in the Bible.

     Illness is telling us that we have broken the universal laws, in this lifetime or another. It can be an Opportunity to get back on the path, which goes on for infinity. According to Cayce here is no such thing as time.

      We need to change our perspective so that we realize we have the potential to overcome any illness that may affect us. Cayce would say that any illness is an "Opportunity", to help us on our journey, to come back to our destiny, which is to be ONE with GOD.

“No one can hate his neighbor and not have stomach or liver trouble. No one can be jealous and allow the anger of same and not have upset digestion or heart disorder.” (4021-1)​

Dr. Nidia Carrero M.D.




   ​...all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within-the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of the body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing. Wether it is accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife or whatnot, it is the attuning the atomic structure of the living cellular force to its spiritual heritage. 1967-1

If there is that attitude of bringing help and of keeping helpful forces through the periods when the applications are made, we may eradicate almost entirely this deficiency that is called," ​TheParkinson's disease." (4085-1)


(Q) Am I correct in feeling that we should develop to the point where we do not have to suffer illness before dying, but should be able to keep a healthy body and just pass out of it when we have finished our work here?
(A) This is an ideal, an idea. Those who apply may attain.... That each entity must and will some day attain to the ability to be conscious of physical death without the physical suffering is true, but the day – to most – is far, too far away.... (993-7)

​Edgar Cayce Quotes

  Do as we have given, and we will    bring the near normal conditions for this body. Be persistent, but be consistent with the applications-also, don't expect the results in one treatment! For it's been many seasons coming on! 5503-1

I have been a student of the Edgar Cayce material for over fifty years. Four years ago I came down with Parkinson's disease, Renaud's disease and Arthritis all at the same time. Using the Edgar Cayce treatments for these illnesses, I was able to totally heal myself of these afflictions. I refer to it as the Fountain of Youth Protocol.I used the Radiac appliance with gold and silver solutions, Atomidine, the Violet Ray, Castor Oil packs  and a complete change in diet. This is the same protocol used to heal many neurological diseases as well as Alzheimers disease.

   I now give workshops for the Edgar Cayce organization, the A.R.E., across the United States, on the Edgar Cayce Remedies. I also give a workshop on the last Saturday of each month on the remedies at Dr. Carreo's office in Manhattan.

   I have recently started giving workshops at the Spiritist Center in Newark NJ, the second and last Sunday of each month, 5:30 - 7:00 . "SEE EVENTS"


   The protocol I followed can be found in the book at this link.