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   I think my original article was edited for legal reasons, so I am sending out the unedited version which shows the doctors I was involved with, who both agreed I had all three diseases, and the original title. Dr. Carrero is now treating two woman with the same protocol that I used for Parkinson's Disease, as well as using the Edgar Cayce protocols AS PART OF her treatment for cancer. Have a wonderful day.

 Healing Parkinson's Disease, Reynauds Disease and Arthritis, Using the Edgar Cayce Remedies

If there is that attitude of bringing help and of keeping helpful forces through the periods when the applications are made, we may eradicate almost entirely this deficiency that is called the "Parkinson's disease." (4085-1)

  It has been a year and a half since I started treating myself for these three diseases. I can now say I am healed of all three, thanks to the Edgar Cayce readings.

   I have been studying Edgar Cayce for over fifty years, and have been giving workshops on the remedies and using them on my friends, and family through that entire period. It was now my turn to be on the receiving end of the healing. I was having dinner with my son and his wife and they told me my hand was shaking, which I hadn't noticed. I had various aches and pains, my thumb would twitch now and then but I just assumed this was part of getting older, as I was almost seventy. Within a month I developed the following symptoms, which frightened me and started me on what I will call my my spiritual adventure of healing. 

    I gradually lost my sense of smell and taste.I couldn't sleep through the night because my thumb and index finger would start to shake and rub against each other, which was the most frightening part of this disease. I wasn't used to not being in control, especially my body. I couldn't turn over in bed without using extreme physical effort. I was very stiff and had trouble keeping my balance. I had trouble holding a pen and my handwriting became smaller. I  had trouble swallowing. I was always very cold and couldn't get warm. When I would go for a walk the top half of my fingers would turn white, and eventually the pain in my hands and feet got so bad that I had trouble driving and sometimes had to turn around from a walk because of the pain. The nails on my toes stated to turn black and one of them fell off. It felt like I had  puddles of water that accumulated in the soles of my feet. The joint on my thumb and big toe became red and swollen and would start to throb with pain.I was depressed,anxious and was making some very bad financial decisions, which included almost selling my house. To say I was in the middle of the dark night of the soul would be an understatement.

   The last time I had a complete physical was fifteen years ago when I had both of my hips replaced. MY only regret is that I waited to long to have the surgery and suffered needlessly for eight years. I follow the Edgar Cayce protocols for health and up to now they had been working. I was able to hide most of the symptoms from my family and friends and they had no idea what I was going through, only that I was behaving strangely. My father and uncle both had Parkinson's disease, so I was familiar with the symptoms. I have given many workshops on Arthritis so I knew what that was all about. I figured out I had Reynauds disease by going to Web MD, and looking up the symptoms.

   I know that I brought these illnesses upon myself. In the previous five years, my wife, her mother and father had all passed. For ten years I had been in and out of emergency rooms, doctors offices, waiting rooms and ambulances. I had gone to Brazil five times in hopes of healing my wife of breast cancer, which kept reoccurring. I was in the middle of an intense professional situation which brought out the darkest sides of me. My parents and my wife parents were both survivors of the concentration camps.. I could never understand how this was allowed to happen, and always harbored a deep mistrust of other people as a result of that.  I grew up in Brooklyn NY, and from the age of 12 on I was out on the streets with my friends every night. I was very independent as both of my parents were always working and never really took an interest in what I was doing. I think betrayal is a major karmic forceI in my life, and I believe that all of these forces and personal beliefs  came together a year and a half ago to create these illnesses. It took seventy years to manifest physically as disease.

   Edgar Cayce would always look upon illnesses as an "Opportunity", and would ask the person why they wanted to get better. If they weren't willing to change and let go of their, anger, hate, jealousy and more of their negative traits; If they weren't ready to come from a place of Love and Forgiveness and realize, "We are our brothers keeper", he would say simply, "Best not to begin.".

  The treatment I used to heal myself relied entirely upon the Spiritual, Mental and Physical  information given in the Edgar Cayce readings.  I have only begun to truly "APPLY" the spiritual aspect of this material, in the last year and a half. That was my opportunity.


   I used the exact protocol Dudley Delany used to heal himself of MS.  

The Edgar Cayce Way of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Vibratory Medicine

by Dr. Dudley J. Delany

   The treatment for neurological illnesses are very similar in the readings.The only difference that Dudley Delany and I did, was use the Radiac,  instead of the Wett Cell Appliance that EC always recommended . The following is an outline of the treatment that I followed.

1. I took one drop of Atomidine in a warm glass of water upon arising 5 days a week.

2. A complete change in diet, following the EC dietary recommendations found in this link. It consisted of 80% Alkaline and 20% Acidic foods. I completely eliminated all sweets, fried foods, red meats, alcohol  and more. I STRICTLY followed the dietary guidelines. I did a three apple diet followed by a colonic.


3. I used the Radiac in cycles of 4 days on two days off. I alternated the use of Gold and Silver solutions

4. I had an electric vibrator with which I could reach all parts of my body which I used   on the same days  I used the Radiac. EC recommends an actual  massage to redistribute the energies, but that wasn’t practical for me.

5. I walked twice a day as well as doing a simple set of Yoga postures.

6. EC would often recommend infared light for Arthritis. I used a infrared Sauna in my house, three days a week.

7. I used castor oil packs over various parts of my body that were  in pain during the first 6 months. I would also massage my hands and feet with Egyptian Oil.

8. I would use the Violet Ray over my whole body three times a week.

9. I would pray and meditate each time I used  the Radiac, and my reading material consisted of books related to Edgar Cayce and Ekhart Tolle. I attended two Search For God meetings a week, one of which met at my house. I also reconnected with the Gurdjieff organization, which is where my spiritual search started fifty years ago, and met with them once a week.

10.  The hardest part of the treatment for me was practicing forgiveness, to all the people, I unconsciously and ignorantly, felt had done me wrong. There is nothing to forgive since most of our life is spent in the state Gurdjieff called sleep. EC would always say, “Watch Self Go By”. Waking up was and is still very difficult and painful for me.  I believe my lack of true forgiveness was the main cause of my illnesses, and is the main cause of my suffering in this lifetime.

    The first month of doing the treatment, NOTHING happened. I noticed no change in my symptoms. In the fifth week, the pain in my hands and feet started to subside . My left thumb and forefinger stopped shaking, and the shaking of the fingers on my right hand decreased in frequency. Every month all of the symptoms kept improving, so that by the end of a year I would say I was 75% improved. It is now almost  a year and a half, and I would say I am at the 95% mark. I am not as strict with my diet as I was in the beginning but would say I comply ninety percent of the time. I notice that if I don’t do my set of exercises the symptoms start to let me know they are still there. I will be using this protocol for the rest of my life. In my workshops I refer to it  as The Fountain of Youth Protocol. I also believe the Radiac is a treatment for Alzheimers disease, as described in the Venture Inward Article, “ A Family Affair”, May/June 2006 issue. My mental clarity and memory have greatly improved.

    I now do consultations and give workshops on the EC Remedies once a month, out of the office of Nidia Carrero M.D. located in Manhattan. She is now recommending that all of her patients, who want to be treated with the Edgar Cayce remedies, purchase a Radiac  appliance. If you go to any of the traditional medical websites, they all say Parkinson’s disease is a progressive illness with no cure. Edgar Cayce says;...when the applications are made, we may eradicate almost entirely this deficiency that is called Parkinson’s disease.” (4085-1)

    I chose the path of healing that brought me back  closer to GOD, and healed my body of “This deficiency that is called Parkinson’s Disease.”



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..If there is that attitude of bringing help and of keeping helpful forces through the periods when the applications are made, we mayERADICATE ALMOST ENTIRELY, this deficiency that is called," ​The PARKINSON'S DISEASE." (4085-1)